Joe Mauer will have critics as long as he is making $23 million per year and as long as he isn’t consistently hitting 20 to 25 home runs a season — and both of those things figure to continue for the next several years. But as shown over the past four games, Mauer being Mauer can help the Twins immensely.

With a 6-for-16 series that included six RBI in four huge victories over the White Sox, Mauer at least proved that much. He wasn’t the player anyone imagined for the first 2 ½ months of the season, but there is a lot of time left.

ENOUGH Let’s hope this week brings a resolution to the Timberwolves’ Kevin Love situation. The constant rumors are exhausting.


DON’T FORGET THE NHL The NHL draft begins Friday, and no team in any league can have too much young, cheap talent.