The Wolves have been really bad since they traded Kevin Garnett to Boston before the 2007-08 season. We will spare you the cumulative record, and instead focus on these numbers: Minnesota is 0-8 against Boston since the trade, and a staggering FIVE of those losses are by three points or fewer, including both games the season immediately after the trade and both games last season.


KG hasn't played in all those games -- and hasn't scored more than 17 in any contest against the Wolves. In fact, he hasn't played in more than 71 games in any of his Boston seasons. He'll be 36 in May, but he remains a fierce competitor and the kind of guy who wants to show the new stars -- like Kevin Love -- and his old team that he still has "it."

The Timberwolves have turned somewhat of a corner this season, having established a return to relevance despite losing Ricky Rubio to a torn ACL. Even when Rubio is healthy, it is becoming crystal clear that Kevin Love is the franchise player -- a top 10 guy in the NBA and maybe even a dark horse MVP candidate based on his absurd performances of late. The Celtics are trying to hang on -- sitting at 28-22 with an aging roster, though that record is still good enough for first place tie with Philly in the crummy Atlantic Division.

For all of these reasons -- for closure, catharsis, for proof -- it is imperative that Love and the Wolves take it to KG and the Celtics tonight. To fully close the book on the KG Era, the Wolves need to finally beat KG's new team. This is not a need in the sense of make-or-break this season. It's just one of those things you sense you must have. And they need to do it with their best player dropping what is now becoming one of those routine crazy stat lines. KG used to be all about 20 and 10. Love is all about 30 and 15, and he needs to show it tonight.

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