In a post Friday, I asked if the 8-20 Twins had hit rock bottom yet — with the worried caveat that it felt like they were heading into a three-game sweep in Chicago. So that happened. And the question lingers: Where is rock bottom?

It doesn't feel like the Twins' overall problem — a roster that just doesn't seem to fit together properly — has anything close to a guarantee of getting much better.

Still, there exists the chance that we will come to look back on this moment in time as rock bottom — that what we've seen for the first month, while not an aberration, is perhaps at least an extreme. But one month into the year expectations must be recalibrated. Instead of hoping to get a playoff spot, the Twins need to hope they can get within shouting distance of .500.

If they can't, and this descends back into another 90-loss season, suddenly everything the franchise has been building toward beyond 2016 is subject to question.

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