Nothing much on social media should surprise us anymore, but it still was a little unbelievable to see the collective lather Twitter worked itself into after LeBron James’ wife, Savannah, posted a photo on Instagram with a reference to Akron, Ohio, as “home sweet home.”

We can appreciate looking for any nugget when trying to figure out what LeBron’s basketball plans are, but let’s please also remember: LeBron and Savannah James are both from Akron, and they spend their summers there. Sometimes that’s all “home sweet home’’ means.

Harris the pick? Michigan State guard Gary Harris is the Wolves’ pick at No. 13 in the most recent NBA mock draft by ESPN’s Chad Ford.


Not forgotten Josmil Pinto still is second on the Twins with seven homers, while Chris Colabello is fourth with 30 RBI. Both are in the minors.