The Kings have reportedly let the Wolves know that they would be interested in making a trade for Kevin Love even without assurances that he'll re-sign beyond the one year he has left on his contract before he can become a free agent.


And we are letting it be known that in exchange for the ability to dunk on a regulation 10-foot hoop, we are willing to give whomever grants us that ability a nice gift card to a national chain restaurant. We don't even care if we can only dunk for a year! Let's make a deal!

Seriously, the report says the Kings would be willing to part with the No. 8 pick this year and a package of other players. But it also says they envision Love playing alongside DeMarcus Cousins. So basically, we're guessing it would be the No. 8 pick, maybe Ben McLemore (who had a disappointing rookie season last year after being the No. 7 pick) and, we would presume, a year of Rudy Gay to help the salaries match (the Wolves would then also be able to dump a player and some salary back in return). Maybe the Wolves would get one more player or another future pick.

In that scenario, they would get all gambles, plus a year from a player who puts up good numbers but always seems to make teams better when he leaves.

No thanks. There is no need to go thrift shopping with McLemore (sorry/not sorry).

Love is not a guy you trade solely for hope and salary relief. If he's going to be dealt anywhere, it has to be to a team that believes it can re-sign him -- or at least a team that is assured he will not opt-out, thus guaranteeing at least two years of his services -- because that's where he has real value.

If Love truly wants out of Minnesota, he can at least give that assurance. Sure, his contract and impending free agency suddenly becomes another team's problem after a trade. But it's our belief that any trade to a team getting only one guaranteed year from Love will not bring fair value in return.

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