We loathe ticket fees more than pretty much anything else and will go to great lengths to avoid them. It's the same reason we hate $5 bottled water at major events: we understand there is a price to pay for being a captive audience with limited options, but there is a line we just cannot cross.


But we admit to being both intrigued and conflicted by a promotion the Vikings and Ticketmaster are running today only.

Until midnight, there is no service fee on single-game tickets purchased for any Vikings home game the rest of the season.

If you were going to buy Vikings tickets at some point this season, this is nice, right? Buy them conveniently today and save some money in the process.

On the other hand, the fees are so ridiculous that it makes you angry they exist every other day. It's akin to being beaten on the foot with a hammer every day, but Thursday is National No Hammer Beating Day.

We can't find out exactly what the normal fee is right now for a Vikings game because the fees naturally don't show up on the site today, but we chose a random Wild game as an example. A $26 seat to the Nashville game on Oct. 22 jumps to $36.35 on Ticketmaster's web site, with the vast majority of that added bulk coming from a $9.75 service fee.

Like we said, if you were going to buy Vikings tickets through Ticketmaster anyway, you will save money today. That's good. It's just hard for us to get excited about a brief break from ticket fee robbery.

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