The Timberwolves' season ended Wednesday really the only way it could: a close loss, in double-overtime, at home, to a bad team, preventing Minnesota from finishing the season at the .500 mark.

It was a season of progress and frustration, fits and starts. And it leads into an offseason with a mountain of looming questions. As such, we have compiled a five-part to-do list for the Wolves that they need to accomplish if they are going to have success in 2014-15 and beyond:

1) Find a new coach. Presuming Rick Adelman decides to walk away, which most believe he will do, this is at the top of the list. Adelman brought instant credibility when he was hired, and he brought plenty of stability for three years. But there is also a lingering sense that he wasn't a perfect fit for this roster, and it is essential that the Wolves find that match going forward.

2) Make a decision on Kevin Love. Sure, the Wolves' superstar has one more year under contract before he can opt out of his deal. But here's the reality: if Minnesota is convinced that Love is, indeed, going to opt out, then this summer is the time to make a move in order to maximize the value in return. If Minnesota believes there is at least a reasonable chance he stays, then improving the team around him becomes vital. That won't be easy, of course, with 12 players under contract for next season from a 40-win team. As such ...

3) Get creative. The Wolves can get minor help from a mid-level signing and a likely first-round pick. Beyond that, though, the 2014-15 roster will look very familiar unless the Wolves trade Love ... or come up with some other deal to bolster the team. We don't think it's crazy to see what the market would be for Nikola Pekovic, though we're not sure quite what they'd find considering his long-term deal pays $12 million a year for the next four seasons. That's the kind of creative thinking it might take to reshape the roster for the better.

4) Get Ricky Rubio in a gym hoisting shot after shot after shot. Rubio has marginally improved as a shooter since he came into the league, but he's still a massive liability in a league where most point guards can get their own points. He's young enough (23) that improvement is still very much within reach. But it must happen, and there needs to be tangible evidence next season.

5) Work on chemistry. Somehow, the whole in 2013-14 was less than the sum of the parts. Chemistry is a tough thing to define, but the Wolves need more of it.

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