There is your future, Wolves fans. That is the exact expression on the face of the future. Kevin Love, fiercely competitive, outwardly emotional, but still with a hint of a smile even in full howl. Ricky Rubio, wise beyond his years, content, calm, unflappable, wearing a smile that seems like he's about three seconds away from telling you the meaning of life -- or at least delivering a bounce pass that will help you understand it all.

Their futures were already intertwined before Wednesday. But by virtue of the nature of the contract Love signed, they feel more linked than ever. Love can opt-out of his new deal after three seasons, not including this one. In that final season before the opt-out  comes into play -- 2014-15 -- Rubio (and Derrick Williams) will be in their fourth seasons, just as Love is now. That will be their team option season, meaning all three players are going to come to a head at once. That means they have this season and two more after it, really, to keep developing into the foundation around which this team is built -- before talk about contracts starts to dominate the conversation again. That means it's already tempting to start thinking far, far ahead. It's fun to wonder what David Kahn might be able to do with all that cap space coming.


It's tempting, but we say this: Don't look so far ahead that you forget to enjoy what is happening. Don't be so consumed by what might happen after three more seasons that you forget to enjoy these seasons. Don't lose yourself in the rush of wondering just how good it might be. Watch it become whatever it becomes. Because we feel pretty safe in saying this: At the minimum, based on what we've seen this year, it's going to be an entertaining ride.


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