This was brought to our attention last night by @nelses1, and we love it so much we have to lead off with it today.

Carlos Gomez, known for all sorts of quirks an eccentricities during his time with the Twins, has kept right on going now that he's with the Brewers.

See, when you're newly rich but you don't really know what rich people do/think/say, there are only so many options. You can ask someone for pointers, but that's kind of embarrassing. You can fake your way through, but that has the potential for a major social faux pas.

So Gomez did what he thought was best: he used Google. Per a passage from Sports Illustrated:

[Ryan Braun] says that recently Gomez informed him, while holding a plate full of kiwi, that the fruit had three times as much potassium as bananas. "I asked him how he heard it," Braun says. "He told me, now that he's wealthy, he's been Googling rich-people conversations so he knows what to talk to wealthy people about, and he came across that data."

The thought of Gomez doing that search and learning about potassium in kiwi just delights us and will continue to do so throughout the day.

By the way, we were curious to see if Gomez's facts checked out. We didn't Google "rich-people conversations," but rather went to an actual nutrition site. Sadly, kiwi actually has slightly less potassium per 100 grams than bananas.

Gomez has been lied to by the rich, and correcting the mistake turned out to be pretty, um, low-hanging fruit.

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