We blogged yesterday about that photo you see to your right, and then followed up with a (hopefully) light-hearted Page 2 piece about it in today's Newspaper of the Twin Cities. The photo, of course, was tweeted by Ricky Rubio as he waited at the airport to pick up his brother Sunday during the Spurs/Mavericks game. Most people who saw it tended to enjoy it.


In the interest of fairness and balance, however, we would be remiss if we did not also let you hear from a vocal detractor. Not long ago, we received a voicemail message regarding the photo and the publication of it. We will transcribe it here verbatim, and we will present the counterpoint without comment:

"[Name redacted] calling about the Rubio airport lounge. ... You know, I am totally disappointed that you would print that. I don't think he even had the good sense to realize it was inappropriate. If all of us hopped up and sat down on the carousel, or if every child of 6 and 7 hopped up on the carousel, they would have security pulling those kids off. Why, then, do we tolerate such behavior from a 21-year-old who puts it out there for others to see?

"It's bad enough he does it, but then he self-publishes his picture. Think about it! If every 6 or 7 year old at the airport were to hop on the carousels, security would be getting them off. Why do we have a different rule, and why would the Star Tribune publish something? Our athletes are all spoiled.

"I think you made some points that were important. I agree, elevate the leg. Many people elevate their legs for many reasons. But we don't hop on a carousel and sit there and watch TV. I'm disappointed in the Star Tribune, and obviously I don't agree with the athletes of today. They're spoiled brats. And I know a few of them."

So what do you think? Endearing photo or a spoiled brat. You can vote on that right here.

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