Around the time Wednesday we read the 93rd updated NBA mock draft — this is the season, after all — a thought crept into our head: As the Wolves head toward their 25th season in the league (crazy, right?), who is their greatest shooting guard of all-time?

This led to far too much time on, but at least it was better than wondering which player the Wolves will take with the No. 9 pick next month. (It has to be a shooting guard, right?)

Yes. It has to be a shooting guard. Just once in a quarter-century they have to get it right at that position. Because here are some of the legitimate candidates to be their all-time greatest at the 2-spot. Everyone under consideration had to have played at least two full seasons with the Wolves (so Ray Allen doesn’t count!).

• Wally Szczerbiak: He is among the top five in franchise history in games played, points scored and three-pointers made. But to be honest, Szczerbiak was more of a small forward than a shooting guard. If you don’t think there is much of a distinction between the two positions, watch film of Wally putting the ball on the floor or trying to guard someone on the perimeter.

• Doug West: He played on the original Wolves team (1989-90 season) and averaged 19.3 ppg on 51.7 percent shooting in his best season, 1992-93. Last year’s Wolves would have killed for that kind of production from that spot. But he also made 37 three-pointers (on 19 percent accuracy) in his career, underscoring his limitations.

• Anthony Peeler: He was acquired when the Wolves traded West. He could shoot threes (unlike West), but his game had plenty of holes.

• Latrell Sprewell: He was here for two years — one great, one a disaster. He, like Szczerbiak, had some minutes at small forward. But he was a huge part of the best season in franchise history and was dynamite in the playoffs. That gets him on the list.

• J.R. Rider: Not kidding. As bad as it got with off-court stuff, he averaged 20 points per game in his three seasons here.

Did we leave anyone even more deserving off? Which one really is the best?

Hey, at least the Wolves might have a better option at No. 9 than you would picking from that list.

michael rand