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 ...It happens every spring when male robins take offense at their reflections in our large glass window mistaking them for other male robins moving in on the girl robins in their perceived territory. This blurry blob is a robin just bob, bob, crash-boom-banging along into our windows. 

But this year is different. 



 Such is this robins fury, it's all I can do to capture the image.

Is it one robin? Or several? Because this year it's just not the large living room window of years past. This crazy bird behavior is happening at every window in the house, little ones, big ones, paned ones and shaded ones. 



It starts early every morning, bam, bam, bam as he pelts the windows like persistent hail. It goes off and on all day till the sun goes down. I assumed it was only temporary, much like the loud courtship squawking of the Canadian geese, that eventually ceases with the domestic contentment of nesting.



Yet today we're going on Day 15. That poor bird(s) keeps flinging itself at the glass. What, put stickers on the windows? I could, but that would involve the entire house. And for what it's worth, I've watched this guy, when not engaged in full frontal assault on our fenestration, he pauses to pick up worms from the wet pavement casually snacking between hits. He seems perfectly fine.

Surely, soon a lovely, rosy robin lady will help him see a way to settle down and start raising babies. Until then the robin ruckus continues.

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