Two more people and four companies have agreed to settle charges in the “Rachel robocall” scheme, the Federal Trade Commission said last week.

The Rachel scam, which used other names as well, called people, often on the do-not call list, to offer lower interest rates on their credit cards.

The six defendants, including Emory Holley, aka Jack Holley and Lisa Miller from Arizona, agreed to pay a partially suspended $11.9 million judgment for charging illegal upfront fees during telemarketing calls in which they falsely claimed they could reduce the interest rate on consumers’ credit cards.

There were 10 total defendants in the Rachel scheme, and four other defendants had already agreed to settled their charges in June. Those four had allegedly opened merchant and bank accounts in their names for processing consumer payments obtained through the calls.

Previously, Whistleblower was on a search for Rachel. Click here for some of our reporting.

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