Comfort returned to the Beacons’ varsity team after a two-year hiatus.


Q: How long have you played soccer?

A: I played since I was about 6 years old. I played freshman year varsity at Concordia, took a break and came back for my senior year. I worked for two years at Victoria Valley Apple Orchard and decided to come back because it’s probably the last time I’ll play competitive soccer.


Q: Why did you choose work over soccer for two years?

A: I had been pretty much playing soccer year-round for a while because I play for a traveling team in Blaine during the winter and summer.


Q: Were your high school buddies lobbying you to come back?

A: Yeah, a lot of my friends play soccer so the past two years were kind of tough. Not playing soccer didn’t really affect my relationships with my friends, but I’m glad I came back for season year.


Q: Did your role on the team grow as the season went along?

A: At the beginning, I was feeling things out. Toward the end of the season, I felt a lot more comfortable because I got to know everyone a lot better.


Q: You scored in your team’s victory against St. Croix Lutheran to snap a four-game losing streak. How important was winning that game?

A: We were kind of in a slump so it gave the team confidence again. … Since then we’ve played better.

David La Vaque