How did you become a goalie? When I was in third grade, my older brother and my neighbor used to take shots at me when they didn’t want me to play with them. It sounds weird, but I liked stopping them.


Were you a natural? No, I did terrible. I let in 20 goals in my first game. But I stuck with it.


So, it’s true that goalies are a little off-center? Oh, that’s definitely true.


What is your biggest quirk? Me and my goalie partner like to go to opposite ends of the ice and sing. Only when no one’s looking.


Ever get an assist? Not in a game. I joke with my teammates that if I ever pass it to them, they have to take it down and shoot. But they always pass it.


You’ve faced a lot of shots over the last few years. Does that bother you? No, I like facing a lot of shots. That’s why you play the game. I’d get bored if I was like one of those girls who only sees 10 or 15 shots a game.


How do you prepare for a game? I go through my routine of catching and juggling tennis balls. During the game, I’ll sing to myself to help stay focused.


What do you sing? Nothing special. Usually it’s what’s playing in the arena.


Most memorable save? Against North St. Paul this year I stopped a penalty shot. It was in the third period and it was tied 1-1. She broke me at first when she deked me to the right side, but I poked the puck off her stick.


Pretty savvy move. Yeah, we ended up winning 2-1 in overtime. That was fun.