Iverson, a midfielder and faceoff specialist for the Lightning lacrosse team, won an impressive 68.8 percent of his draws last spring. He has spent the summer traveling with the Minnesota Elite lacrosse program and gearing up for the soccer season.


What makes a good faceoff guy? I’m kind of a scrapper, so it’s always been fun for me to just get in there and scrap for it. It’s not like a fighter, because I’m not a fighter, but you have to have that will to win and do whatever it takes. There’s a lot of technique, too, that people don’t know, and it kind of takes a long time to figure out.


What type of music gets you in game mode? I usually just go on Pandora and let it play what it wants. Usually it’s pretty good. If it’s for a tough game, I want more of upbeat or hip-hop style music. Sometimes, I’ll go with country.


How about pregame meals? I like to go to Noodles a lot — I normally get the buttered noodles with chicken — or I’ll cook up a PB & J or something like that. I usually like to carb up before.


How do you spend your free time? Less lacrosse and more hanging out with my buddies — maybe go rollerblading or out to Lifetime [Fitness], or sometimes go paintballing..


One word your teammates would use to describe you? Caring.


Why? My team means the world to me, and most of them could speak to that. I’d do anything for them and anything for my team.


Best movie you’ve seen in last year … Probably “22 Jump Street.” That was hilarious. I was laughing so hard the whole movie. It had me dying.


In 10 years, you will be … Hopefully, I’m going to be a successful accountant or something along those lines — something in finance. … I like numbers and stuff, and it’s something I’m good at. My parents always said that if there’s something you’re good at and you can see yourself doing it, then go for it.