Quick Q&A




The Tartan senior took a chance with wrestling after his freshman football season and it’s a good thing he did. After deciding to give up basketball, Telin pinned his first opponent in his first varsity wrestling match in 28 seconds. He developed into a leader for both the wrestling and football teams and will play offensive line for the University of Minnesota Duluth football team next fall. The Titans competed in the 2014 state wrestling tournament.


What was it like stepping onto the wrestling mat for the first time? There was a huge learning curve. Learning all the moves and positioning is something I really had to get a feel for.


How would you describe your experience in the state wrestling tournament? We were all really excited so I think we didn’t wrestle to our full potential. We’re a senior-heavy team so it wasn’t a big surprise that we made it, but we would have liked to compete a little better.


How has wrestling affected your football career? My football coach convinced me to go out for wrestling my freshman year because he said it would help with giving me quicker feet and staying in better position. It’s a great way to stay in shape and help with coordination.


Which athlete do you look up to the most? Brett Favre. He’s a guy that no matter how old he was, he played the game he loved. And that’s something I really admired about him.