As Lakeville North’s starting quarterback, basketball point guard and baseball right fielder, Stewart played in three state tournaments a year ago, a run that included a Class 5A state hoops title. Still only a junior, Stewart has spent his summer balancing a hefty schedule of American Legion baseball, AAU basketball and football practice.


What’s a typical summer day like for you? I usually get up early and go shoot. Then I go to weights for football, or practice. Then I usually have a baseball game at night.


How do you follow up a year like you just had? Hopefully, three more state tournaments, and hopefully we can win a state championship in each.


You play point guard and quarterback; I’m guessing you like control? Yeah, I really like having control over the games. When the game’s on the line, I really want the ball in my hands. I like to see the floor or the field and be able to pass it off or make a play.


What’s a better feeling late in a game: hitting a key jumper or hitting a receiver for a key first down? Hitting the clutch shot in basketball. That’s a pretty good feeling.


Any good-luck charms? I’m pretty superstitious about what I do and the way I do it, but I don’t really have any good-luck charms. … Maybe on a win streak or something, I won’t shave if we keep winning.


How’s the beard? Pretty solid? It’s pretty patchy.


So it’s a big sacrifice then to keep it growing? Yeah. I’m a team-first guy.


Best movie you’ve seen lately? “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” That movie was pretty good.


If teammates could describe you in one word … I’d say, “different.”


How are you different? I do things differently than how people might expect me to do it. It’s just any way I can get the job done is how I’ll do it, doesn’t matter if it’ll be different.


What’s your favorite thing to do in the summer? Probably nap. … Any free time I have I’m looking to take a nap.