Baker emerged as a pole vaulter last spring, finishing sixth in the Class 2A state meet.


How did you get started pole vaulting? I was in eighth grade and I wanted to try it and it actually went really well. I got pretty good at it pretty quickly.


Did being a gymnast help? Yeah. A lot of the motions are similar to the uneven bars, like keeping my body straight in the air.


Have you ever had a pole break? I did, last year. I was upside down when it broke. I fell into the pit and slid into the box. It shocked me a little bit, but I was OK.

What is the highest you’ve ever vaulted? I got my PB [personal best] at the state meet last year when I went 11 feet. I think I’ve gone 11-6 in practice, but our standards aren’t the best, so I can’t be sure.


How high can you go? This year I’m shooting for 11-6. I think if I get the right pole and the right day, I can go 12 feet.


What’s the best part of pole vaulting? When you get over a high height and you’re falling backwards into the pit. You realize you just cleared it and you feel so happy.


Do you plan on pursuing vaulting after high school? Yes. I’ve had quite a few colleges interested in me for track. Hopefully, one of them will be a school I want to go to.