Brekken is one of the top returners on the Cougars cross-country squad that finished third in the state meet a year ago. Also a member of the Lakeville South track and field team, Brekken spent her summer — you guessed it — running.


What do you like most about running? I like running because it challenges you to go farther than you thought you could do, and I like being outside a lot, and you meet a lot of really great people.


What got you into cross-country? I’ve done it since sixth grade. My neighbor was in cross-country, and she did it for the people and the social activity. I loved it.


What do you like most about your team? It’s not really even a team; it’s like a family. We’ve grown really close being with them so much, and running so much. Everyone understands your pain when you’re running.


What’s the farthest run you’ve ever done? Nine miles. It was just a long run — just for fun.


Ever consider running a marathon? Yes. I really want to. I want to do one with my team when we’ve all graduated from college. That would be super fun.


Any rituals before a race? We do warmups, dynamic drills and stuff. We all pray before we run, and I write a bible verse on a piece of tape and put it in my shoe.


Favorite prerace meal? Brown rice and butter. I have other random stuff, too, but that’s my main thing.


Season goals? I just want to enjoy my last year, so my main goal is to have fun. Other than that, my main goal would be to make it to state as a team.