Quick Q&A




The junior shortstop is the leading hitter for the Lions’ up-and-coming program.


Talk about the season so far. I see a lot of improvement. It’s been a short season, just like last year, but I think we’ve really connected as a team.


With the poor weather, how have you and the team adapted? There are drills that we can perfect in the gym that we can’t do on the field. And using the batting cage in the gym has really improved our hitting.


Do you play summer softball? I do. I play on a club team called the Minnesota Magic.


Which do you prefer, high school softball or club softball? I’ve gained a lot from both. I learn the game mentally better in club softball, but I’ve gained leadership skills from high school.


What is St. Croix Prep like? I love it. The Washington Post just nominated our school as the most academically rigorous in Minnesota. We have smaller class sizes, and it’s a great community. The real benefit to academics is the one-on-one time with the teacher.


Do people ever confuse your school with St. Croix Lutheran? Sometimes. That used to happen much more often. Now people are recognizing us. When I tell them where I go, they say, ‘Oh, the school in Stillwater?’ ”


One thing you do before each game? I talk with my dad. He gives me encouragement and tips. He always says “Play hard and if you make a mistake, make an aggessive mistake.”