Lange will be a senior captain for Stillwater’s cross-country team. She started five-day-a-week morning runs to prepare her team for the fall. But Lange is taking a break from running. She is in South America for a month, helping flood victims and fitting in a soccer game with the local kids when she can.


What brought you to Paraguay? It’s through American Youth Leadership Program. So a group of 21 students were chosen across the country to travel down to Paraguay, kind of as exchange students, but we’re also working on leadership skills and volunteering.


Did those leadership skills benefit your summer practices? We want to build up our base before we get to the season before we start doing speed. And so it’s fun to meet up with a group and just go for longer, easier runs. It gets a chance for girls to get to know each other more before the season starts.


Why do you like running? It’s just nice to relax and just kind of think through all my problems, and it really helps me work it out. But during the races, it’s all about focusing.


What’s your Netflix obsession? “Gossip Girl” and “Downton Abbey,” which are completely different. “Gossip Girl,” it’s a lot of silly drama, but it’s fun to watch. And then “Downton Abbey,” I like the historical part of it and just seeing a different culture.


Bucket list item for your senior year? I really want to travel somewhere cool, maybe like spring break or winter break … [with my] family because we haven’t gone on a family trip in a few years, and since I’m graduating, that would be fun to have one last family trip.