With the Vikings potentially focusing on a quarterback in this draft, here is a recap of what the pool report had to say about players at that position after Sunday's workout (note: Missouri's Blaine Gabbert, who could be the first QB selected, will not throw until his pro day on March 17):

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas: Had the best throwing day in his group, showing excellent deep touch. Passes on slant routes were deemed to be perfect, and his only challenge was making accurate intermediate throws.

Cam Newton, Auburn: Showed his raw ability but also proved he still needs to improve his footwork. Displayed his arm strength but at one point overthrew receivers on three short out passes to his right.

Jake Locker, Washington: Bounced back from a subpar Senior Bowl week by being consistent with most of his throws. Ran the 40-yard dash in 4.59 seconds, equaling Newton for the third-best time.

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada: Trying to build on a good week of practice at the Senior Bowl, Kaepernick showed he needs to work on his deep throws. He was far more consistent on his shorter passes. Ran a 4.53 40.

Christian Ponder, Florida State: Looked good on short and intermediate throws but struggled at times on longer passes.

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa: Displayed a quick release but otherwise showed little accuracy. His draft stock likely is slipping.

Andy Dalton, Texas Christian: Consistently hit his deep out routes and appeared to be comfortable in his drops and delivery.