After watching ESPN's Jon Gruden breakdown such football intricacies as West-right-slot-B-right-350-P-stick line, 53-Jam Fronts, H-2 Double-Go, and Gun-Right-Jack-Twins-Strong-O-Right-Flat-Square, I have a headache. But it also made me excited for this week's NFL draft.

With the Vikings picking 30th on Thursday, Brett Favre needs to get another pair of Wrangler jeans ready for a new teammate ... and that teammate should be Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Favre coming back in 2010 is as close to a lock as the Wolves missing the playoffs again next season. I believe that Favre signed a two-year contract because he plans on retiring -- no joke -- after this season.  But what about 2011 and beyond? The Vikings should select a quarterback -- McCoy -- who would be better in Brad Childress' offense than either Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels. If Childress had his choice, Florida's Tim Tebow might be his guy, but I'll take McCoy.

McCoy set the NCAA record for most ever wins by a college quarterback (45). He is very accurate on short-to-intermediate throws, a must in Childress' preferred passing attack, he is mobile, and he succeeded while playing at the nation's No. 1 party school.  As far as we know, he never was busted for swinging a wood board during a fight, or fleeing from the police twice. Plus, Childress has gotten better as a coach (even with the 12-men in the huddle penalty). With the Tarvaris Jackson experiment mostly a failure, now is the time for Childress, quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers, and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to develop another  quarterback.

Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders on McCoy: "McCoy ran a system in Texas that featured a lot of short and intermediate passes, which raises questions about his arm strength. At 6-foot-1, he's shorter than the average quarterback, and while no one doubts his toughness, he did have some minor injury issues in college. Of course, you could take that same exact writeup and apply it to Drew Brees, who has done pretty well for himself in the pros. McCoy's college numbers are far better than Brees's (61.1 completion percentage, 37 games started), and those arm strength issues aren't as important in a league that's gone to more of a short passing game. His closest statistical comp is also Rivers, and while his college numbers might overstate his professional viability some, there's a very good chance that he'll be a Pro Bowl quarterback. If he does fall to the second round as forecast, whichever team grabs him is likely to end up with a steal, just like the Chargers did with Brees."

ESPN's Trent Dilfer, who knows a thing or two about quarterbacks, on McCoy: "If you look at this four years down the road, I think McCoy will be the best of this group. I have worked with him. He has the physical attributes. He can play in tight spaces. He can make something out of nothing. This kid has it. He has all the talent and drive in the world. He wants to be the best. Colt McCoy is the gem in this draft."

This time last year, Dilfer loved Mark Sanchez of the Jets. That seems to be working out OK. Dilfer and McCoy do share the same agent, but if you listen to Dilfer answer conflict of interest questions, he comes across as incredibly genuine. He says that he is not benefiting in any way possible from pumping up McCoy. He has me convinced.

If you think the Vikings don't have needs, you probably also believe that Larry King won't eventually marry for an eighth time. But their best bet in the first round come Thursday is to take a guy who won't help them next year. They can find depth at cornerback, linebacker, safety, and guard later in the draft. Rick Spielman, like many executives, is a boring interview this time of year, but he clearly knows what he is doing. He has drafted the following significant contributors after the first round: Sidney Rice, Brian Robison, John Sullivan, Tyrell Johnson, Jaymar Johnson, Phil Loadholt, Asher Allen, Jasper Brinkley, and Jamarca Sanford. In other words, he will find serviceable players in later rounds. And as long as Jared Allen is still in terrorizing-mode, the defense will be fine this year. If they need another cornerback, and the draft outside of the first round offers little in that regard, free agent Lito Sheppard is available. The time to think about the future is now.

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