By Kerri Westenberg


Q: What is the official currency of Sweden? I’m traveling to Stockholm this fall and everything is priced in kronor, but having been there before, I’ve noticed that many shopkeepers also use euros. Is there an advantage to using one form of currency over the other?
 A: The Swedish krona is the official currency of Sweden, and the one that will be universally accepted in shops across Stockholm. In fact, a representative I spoke with at Visit Sweden expressed surprise that shopkeepers deal in euros: “Maybe you can use euros at the airport and for taxis from the airport,” but that would be about it, she said. Hmmm, perhaps you’ve been to Sweden more recently than she, who is based in New York, or I could be that you naturally visit places geared toward tourists, which may be inclined to accept euros. Further Web research reflected your experience -- you can sometimes pay in euros in Stockholm. Still, if you pay with euros, you could get kronor for change, and you may as well start and end the transaction with the Swedish crown (but feel free to bring any euros clanging around your change bin).