If you’ve been walking outside recently (when it wasn’t raining), you know it is “cottonwood-time.”  Plenty of little puffs are floating through the air and seem to be piling up everywhere.  They can be cute, but they can also be a nuisance, especially if you live near an old tree.

Could this all be worth it?  Shoveling tree snow in the middle of June?   What do these trees look like to make them worth scraping off your deck a few times a week? I know we have a tree in the neighborhood, but I didn’t want to start snooping through my neighbors back yards for a photo, so I searched for a photo online. 

Then I realized why people put up with a couple of weeks of snow in June.  The cottonwood is a gorgeous tree!  The bark is really textured; the shape is lovely; and the leaves turn a pretty yellow in the fall.  


So I’ve started looking at trees lately and noticing just how pretty they are and how much they add to the landscape.  One of the trends lately is to landscape with only trees and bushes -- no flowers, no hostas, no vegetables. 


At first I thought – how boring, but after really looking at trees, maybe not.  You can find beauty in just about anything – even if you need to put up with pulling cottonwood puffs out of your hair!

What is your favorite tree?