The F-word has been unintentionally flying around lately -- and, no, we don't mean "family" or "friendly." Blame it on the spontaneity of live broadcasts.

The biggest splash involved New York newscaster Ernie Anastos, whose F-word faux pas last week quickly became an Internet sensation. In a bizarre exchange with the weatherman, he intended to say, "Keep plucking that chicken." If only he had really said "plucking." Not only did YouTube clips of the blue blooper garner more than 3 million views in just a few days, but his actual utterance became an online buzz phrase overnight.

Then "Family Guy" creator Seth McFarlane showed he clearly wasn't G-rated when he spoke his mind Sunday night during the E! network's pre-Emmy broadcast. "Did you just cuss?" said the incredulous interviewer, Giuliana Rancic. "We may be cable, but you can't say the F-word on E!" Too late.

The only person arguably happy about their slip-ups was Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, who gladly gave away the spotlight. He drew national attention recently when, during a radio interview, he added an unplanned modifier while outlining his creative "funding mechanisms."

The solution to the F-word free-for-all? Cut the snappy banter. It will only get you in trouble. But if things go wrong, don't worry -- just keep "plucking" that chicken.

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