We need to SIgn the Petition Now - while emotions are high

From the conversations I've had with Dr. Rogers, I believe he is tired of trying to lead the charge to;protect research bears, his heart is no longer in it - due to the loss of Hope. I know that he fears what the DNR is going to do, no matter what I or anyone else does. He fears they are going to limit him severly.

I HONESTLY believe that if people truely want to protect the bears (as in the bears lives come first) - there is no better time to do it than now - or I would not be doing this. Dr. Rogers has not asked me to stop, and I do not believe he will. He wants protection for the bears, or he has nothing to study. If we do not do it now - I can guarantee it will never happen - people will lose intersests - as they always do.

We have seen that probably the majority of the LTBB on Facebook people want to protect the research  - over the lives of the bears - that are the foundation of the research. Some of them have shown their true colors.


The Likelyhood of more Reserch Bear Killings

As a hunter, I do not believe there is anything wrong with bear hunting, in fact I know we have to remove several thousand bears each year, or there will be conseqences the public will not abide by. BUT - I do not think the research bears, simply because they are research bears - and carry a collar with ribbons, should be targted by hunters, which they will be, because there is no protection for them. And what we will lose is the yearling females, because as far as I know, yearling males are not collared, and any ethical hunter will not shoot a female with cubs. That leaves yearling and two year old females - with  a big target on their sides, or around their neck.

Some people, I will not call them hunters, they do not deseervet the title, will target the research bears,because there is no penatly for killing them - AND they have seen that we are ineffectual at trlying to get protection for them - because we already lost the battle - last year.

So - the very bears that Dr. Rogers wishes to study in the future, may be targeted by unscurupulous, unethical hunters.  And there will be no bears of the Shadow Clan to study, because they may all be KILLED.

Are people going to do somethting now, and at least have a chance at Protection for Minnesota's Research Bears - or wait unitl sometime in the future, when there will be no chance?

The Irony

It is ironical. While I was trying to get protection for the bears - before Hope died - most LTBB er's liked me,maybe even saw me as a leader - now that one of the bears that we were trying to protect is dead - they are really mad at me. 

And many hunters already dislike me, in spite of the fact that I am one of the biggest advocats for hunting in the state, just not on these bears - which make up about one tenth of one percent of all the bears in Minnesota. Is it so hard to not shoot these few bears?

DNR & Eco-Tourism

Is it so hard for the DNR to see that these bears have had a very huge impact on the idea of and promotion of COMSERVATION, which I think is what the DNR is supposed to be all about. Not only that, but they have already had, a great economical impact on the State of Minnesota, in these hard economic times, and can have an even greater impact, if we tie them in with tours and trips to the Wolf Center, the Elk Center,the Zoos, The Wildlfe Resource Center, the numerous Native American natural history locations across the state, and birding in one of the two top birding locations in the Unted states, plus all of the other fantastic natural wonders of our great state. And there is the educational impact, to thousands of school children, and addults, about bears and the need for conservation. Why - can't the DNR officials see that? The research bears and Dr.Rogers research - are the key, the steppping stone - to an entire new industry in the State of Minnesota - Eco-Tourism. I'll even push for a bill for its advancement. 

I've got my head in a Noose

I've really put my head in the proveerbial noose. But, s with the Scent lOk Saga - it is not the first tiem, and God willing it willnot be the last time. I'm a sucker for good causes - and protection for Minnesota's research Bears, is a Good cause.

Help Me -  Help the Beafrs - and Dr.Rogers Research

Help me please - contact 10 people on the "Lucty the Black Bear" page on facenook, and explain that if we do not do it now, that we never will, and that I am not doing anything that Dr.Rogers has asked me not to do. And then contact 10 other people, from all over the world, because the bears have impacted people all over the world, and get them to sign the petition.

Click on this link to sign the Petition. http://www.change.org/petitions/protect-minnesotas-research-bears-pass-a-bill-protecting-minnesotas-research-bears?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=own_wall


May God bless all of you, no matter where you stand on this issue,



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