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Either way, you won't be disappointed.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin started the Home Edit, a home-organization business based in Nashville, in 2015. The company has completed dozens of projects in at least 13 cities. We had the duo answer a few of our burning organization questions.

Q: In which area of the home do people tend to need the most help?

A: The kitchen/pantry is by far the space we organize most. It's the grand central station of every home and tends to need the most help and is often in disarray.

Q: For folks who need a complete home-organization makeover, where is the very best place to start?

A: If you plan on doing it yourself, always, always, always start with a drawer. It's like practicing on a bunny slope before heading to the top of the mountain.

Q: The Home Edit organized musician Julianna Zobrist's closet. (She's also married to the Cubs' Ben Zobrist.) Any fun tidbits you can share about the project for her Chicago fans?

A: Organizing her Crayola box of rainbow clothing was about as fun as it gets. Her only request with her closet was, "Send me pics if you try on any of my clothes!"