Michael Jackson and Madonna already got theirs. So have Beyonce, Drake and Adele. Cher and 50 Cent, too.

Now Prince is going to be profiled in a comic-book biography. It’s called “Fame: Prince,” published by Bluewater Productions. The 32-page comic, offered in both digital (at iTunes) and print formats (at Comic Flea Market), is available with two different covers.

Bluewater has collaborated with William Shatner, Ray Harryhausen and Vincent Price on comic projects. Next up in its biography series are Johnny Depp and Sharon Osbourne.

“Fame: Prince” author Michael Frizell admits to preferring Prince over Jackson. "Writing [it] was like reliving my teenage years,” he said in a statement. “For me, the music scene wasn’t defined by Michael Jackson, despite his success with Thriller. The 80’s, and music in general for me, were defined by Prince. He takes chances in his music, doesn’t sell out as an artist in order to make money, and still ends up on top.”

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