Pricing for single-game tickets to Minnesota Twins games is undergoing a significant evolution this coming season, with stadium-wide expansion of a concept that allows the price to fluctuate based on customer demand.

The team announced the widening of its "demand-based" pricing structure Monday, while also saying that single-game tickets for the coming season go on sale Feb. 25.

The Twins used the demand-based price strategy last year in two price categories (Home Plate Box and Home Plate View) and noted that it is a sales strategy that "is becoming standard across sports and entertainment industries," the team said in its announcement.

For the first two weeks of single-game ticket sales, prices will be fixed. Demand-based pricing will kick in March 8 and does not apply to season-ticket purchases.

Computer tracking of ticket sales will assess whether a particular price needs to change, said Chris Iles, a Twins spokesman.

Lagging demand will push down a ticket's price and "get more people in the stadium," Iles said. Tickets falling below their marked price did occur at times last year, he said.

Conversely -- and not surprisingly -- the tickets most in demand will rise in price.

Another benefit, Iles added, is that this pricing fluctuation "cuts down on the [business] of scalpers."

On Feb. 25, single-game tickets can be bought starting at 9 a.m. CST at, by calling 612-33-TWINS or 800-33-TWINS, or at the Target Field ticket office, and on Feb. 27 at Twins Pro Shops in Apple Valley, Roseville and Minnetonka.

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