Herberger's semiannual Goodwill Sale officially starts tomorrow, but early birds can start today. Start by downloading a coupon at Millionactsofgoodwill,  It gives an extra 5 percent discount (25 percent off clothes or jewelry or 20 percent off cosmetics, accessories, shoes, lingerie, maternity, coats, suits, men's tailored. home store and luggage). Toys, furniture, mattresses, area rugs, Tech Trek, small electrics and health and wellness items still get a 10 percent discount (no increase). The coupon is only good on one item, so make it a large one. One suggestion if you like Coach handbags: Use the coupon for 20 percent off at Rosedale or Northtown (the only stores that carry Coach in the Twin Cities). If you can't get there today, print the coupon anyway. You have until Sept. 28 to use it. You can also play to

win one of 100 prizes at the site, including a $1,000 shopping spree.

In addition to your printed coupon from Millionactsofgoodwill, get a 10 to 20 percent off coupon for each item donated, including clothes and bedding. The best use of the coupons is to combine them with an item on sale. The coupon may be used on anything except Incredible Value items, special orders and gift cards. Even cosmetics and fragrances get the discount (15 percent).

The sale lasts until Sept. 28.