Just a few bits and notes:

Lineup change: Thome, penciled in at DH, told Gardenhire he wanted to have another day "to run around" on his sprained toe before going in the lineup. He should be available to pinch-hit, however.

The new lineup is 1) CF Revere, 2) 2B Casilla, 3) C Mauer, 4) RF Cuddyer, 5) 3B Valencia, 6) LF Young, 7) DH Plouffe, 8) 1B Hughes, 9) SS Nishioka.

Gardy said the new lineup, with Hughes now at first, would give him "a chance to work with him a little bit and see where he’s at."

Span update: It was reported yesterday that Span was cleared for assignment -- in fact, he took concussion tests and the doctor's were pleased with his results, but he still has to wait to be approved by MLB (Span didn't know the procedure). Trainer Rick McWane said there is no timetable for how long that will take.

Baker: The righty will throw a bullpen session tomorrow. He is expected to start on Monday.

Morneau: He was cleared to start non-baseball activities. He can do pretty much whatever he wants in the weight room and off the field but needs another week or so before he can throw or hit.



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