It was back to the film room for the Timberwolves Thursday.

Unhappy by what he thought was a poor performance at both ends of the court in Thursday’s loss to Golden State, Wolves coach Rick Adelman had the team sit through a long film session before taking the court for practice.

Adelman didn’t like the way the ball stopped moving after the first quarter. He didn’t like the lack of help on defense. He didn’t like much of anything. “There wasn’t much that was up to par last night,” he said. “We just played a very poor game. We looked at a lot of film today, so they could see where we are. Just the breakdowns. … We just have to be better.’’

We’ve heard this from Adelman before. He felt the team backslid a little bit having gone a good while without a really good practice.

Adelman said it looked to him like the team played in what he called a frenzy Thursday, trying to win games with every offensive possession.

“I can’t tell you how many times we broke off plays and went to the wrong spot,” Adelman said. “And, to me, that’s a lack of concentration. Or, you don’t think you’re going to get the ball, so you don’t do the right thing out on the court. … I asked ‘em a number of times, what is this play? Because I don’t recognize it. It’s just a matter of concentration. ‘’

I would expect the Wolves to come out very focused Friday against Dallas.

Here’s more Adelman: “I don’t think we have any selfish players, but we’re playing selfish right now. It’s not so much you don’t pass the ball, it’s you don’t make the right cuts, you don’t’ get to the right spots. We’re shortcutting a lot of stuff offensively. And in this league you can’t do that. It’s just not going to work. The players are too good and you’re scouted too well. We wanted to really address it today.’’

That’s about it for now. Jerry will be with the team tomorrow. 

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