Three thoughts following the Twins' 4-3 win over the Phillies:

1. PELFREY BETTER: I'm not saying it's time to start a write-in campaign to get Mike Pelfrey into the All-Star Game, But the veteran worked his way through seven solid innings for a second quality start in as many outings. He got a bad break in the first inning when umpire Bruce Dreckman called Ben Revere safe when it was clear to everyone else that Justin Morneau tagged him on the shoulder. Revere scored the first of two Phillies' runs that inning, or Pelfrey would have had a very nice line. He hit 94 on the gun, didn't fall behind many batters and threw some nice breaking balls later in the game. Now he has had back-to-back solid outings and building a little momentum.

2. WHO'S COVERING FIRST? A debate broke out in the pressbox and on twitter in the eighth when Ben Revere bunted for a hit. Joe Mauer pounced on the ball but had no one to throw to because Justin Morneau rushed in and Eduardo Escobar couldn't get to first base in time. Many placed the blame on Escobar. After checking in the clubhouse, I was told that manager Ron Gardenhire told Morneau that he needed to get back to the bag once Mauer closed in on the ball.

3. OSWALDO...OH, OH, OH: Oswaldo Arcia comes to the plate looking to do damage and you've got to love that. Before his single in fourth, he blasted a long foul ball to right that bounced and hit the gate. The ball had no chance of being fair, but there was Arcia, trying to wave it fair like Carlon Fisk in the World Series. Hilarious. ``I think the home run ball he hit foul, I don't think I've seen one hit that far in a long, long time,'' Gardy said. ``I even looked over at Charlie Manuel and he had a big smile on his face. Charlie more than anyone likes to see people go deep, and he hit that ball a long way.''

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