The Lynx beat San Antonio 83-79 on Sunday at Target Center, meaning it's time to update what another victory means. A look at all the streaks the Lynx have going:

* Seven wins to start the season, a franchise record. ... The league record is nine held by Los Angeles. The Sparks were 9-0 in 2001 and '03. ... Three other team have started 7-0 like the Lynx. New York in 1997, Houston in 1999 and Detroit in 2007

* Eight consecutive regular-season road wins, going back to last season, a franchise record.

* Ten regular-season victories in a row, going back to last season, breaking a franchise record set in 2011 from July 15 to August 7.

* Ten home victories in a row, six last year counting five playoff games and four in the regular-season this season. ... They are 23-3 at home since the start of the 2011 season, losing only to Indiana, Phoenix and New York in the regular season last year.

* Thirteen victories in a row, counting playoff games last season, an unofficial franchise mark.

* The Lynx are 34-4 since July 15 of last year. On that day they beat Indiana 80-70. ... They are on a pace to go, well, 34-0 since they haven't lost yet. The WNBA record for victories in a single season is 28 held by several teams. They were 27-7 last season.


9-0   Los Angeles     2001     28-4    WNBA champions

9-0   Los Angeles     2003    24-10   WNBA finals

7-0   New York           1997    17-11   WNBA finals

7-0   Houston            1999     26-6    WNBA champions

7-0   Detroit                2007    24-10   WNBA finals

7-0   Lynx                    2012    ???       ???


San Antonio coach Dan Hughes said his club's bench got the Silver Stars back into Sunday's game.

"[The Lynx] are a good team and they were doing a lot of things well early," Hughes said. "We just didn't fight it in a way. Then in the second half, you saw us fight tings a little bit more, closer to what we try to do. It's just a strange game."

At halftime, the Lynx led 50-29. "They probably relaxed a little bit," Hughes said. "We got more aggressive and then we got more cohesive. It's amazing what you start to do if you start doing things hard and together. Then the momentum changed. Momentum is a very delicate thing."

Hughes said the Lynx looked in rhythm from last season. His team he said, ws still trying to develop chemistry and a rotation.

"Quite honestly, [Sunday] was huge for us because we moved our rotation to a point that now we can get some really strong play off the bench," he said.

San Antonio's bench scored 48 points, led by Danielle Adams with 21 and Jia Perkins with 16. They were the Siler Stars' two top scorers. The Lynx bench had 16 points. Three players had four.

"[The Lynx] are very much on the same page with a lot of the same people giving great efforts," Hughes said. "We're a team that is giving efforts but learning to get on the same page  because we have had some inclusion of people. We've just got more distance to cover

"But I told the team afterwards, think about this game because there is a lot to be learned by the lessons from this team."