By the looks of the fish coming into Everts Fishing Resort over the last couple days, this coming weekends Saugerama is looking up to have some heavy weights. Not all anglers came in with large saugers and walleyes but everyone was coming in with fish. A few lucky anglers found the crappie hot spots too.

Mark Rehberg was an avid hunter, fisher and family man who's life ended too early in a hunting accident during the 2006 gun season. The Mississippi River and more specifically Pool 4 near Red Wing was a special place for Mark. He made many many friends because of his personality and his love of the outdoors. This tournament was started so people could gather for a day fishing, laughing, meeting new people and to share fishing stories.

For more information on how to enter the Saugerama and how you can win a free St. Croix rod just by guessing the winning weight, use this link .

With the water rising and the water temps falling, the walleyes and saugers have started the fall migration towards the dam area. It seems like there's many that think spring is the only time to fish the Red Wing area. The folks that vertial jig platics or meat, pitch blade baits and even troll with rapalas in the fall will say differantly. Current bite info can be found by checking in with Dean at Everts Fishing Resort on the WI side of the river.

If you can't make it down for the Saugerama, plan a day and get in on some of the best walleye and sauger fish the upper midwest has to offer!

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