Christian Ponder doesn't agree with the people who say his recent accuracy issues stem from a knee injury.

"Not at all," said Ponder, who has completed fewer than 55 percent of his passes in each of the past three games. "My knee has been fine. Even when it was injured, it didn't really hurt. It was just swelling and no real pain."

Ponder has been on the injury report for weeks now because of the knee injury. But he hasn't missed any practice or game time because of it.

Although he was slow to get up once during the Seattle game, he said he didn't suffer any further damage to the knee on Sunday.

As for the QB's confidence and the widespread theory that it's completely kaput, Ponder says his confidence is A-OK.

"Confidence breeds from preparation, and I think we're really preparing well and we have great game plans," Ponder said. "It just goes back to us executing. But I have full confidence in what I'm doing."

Other highlights from Ponder:

  • He said the problems in the passing game are, "pretty much different each week." "We're not really seeing repeat mistakes. If we did, that wouldn't be good."
  • On what jumps out at him about his performance specifically: "Obviously, I need to play better. But I don't know if there's any specific things that jump out at me. It just goes back to execution, and my execution needs to pick up."
  • On whether there is any "finger pointing" going on in the locker room: "No. Not at all. We have a lot of good characters on this team and a lot of great leaders. So there has been no finger pointing at all." 

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