There's lots to argue about in this new poll by the advocacy group Catholics for Choice. Here's their takeaway from a poll of 1,000 "self-identified Catholics."

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2012 -- As the two Catholic candidates for vice president prepare to face each other in a debate tonight, a new poll of 1,000 self-identified Catholic likely voters shows that, despite the best efforts of the bishops, they are least concerned about abortion and gay marriage. Catholic voters are most concerned about jobs, public education and healthcare.
Amidst growing concerns about Catholic priests and bishops using the pulpit and church resources to tell Catholics how to vote, a large majority does not feel a religious obligation to listen to them. More than four out of five Catholic voters (83 percent) feel no obligation to vote the way bishops recommend and three-quarters of Catholic voters (76 percent) do not believe Catholic politicians are obligated to vote the way bishops desire.