A majority of Minnesotans support an independent investigation into possible campaign-season contact between Russia and associates of President Donald Trump but are divided over whether Trump’s team was in touch with Russians who tried to interfere in the presidential election.

The Star Tribune Minnesota Poll found 55 percent of Minnesotans surveyed back an outside, independent investigation into Trump’s potential links with Russia. Thirty-nine percent say there should not be an investigation.

Support for such an inquiry is particularly high in Hennepin and Ramsey counties, with 72 percent in favor. It was lowest in northern Minnesota, where 37 percent want an investigation. In southern Minnesota, 50 percent favor an outside investigation, along with 51 percent in Twin Cities-area suburbs.

Republicans and Democrats are sharply divided on the issue, with 94 percent of Democrats voicing support for an investigation, compared to just 14 percent of Republicans. Among independent voters, 54 percent say there should be an inquiry.

Asked if they believe people connected to Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian agents who tried to interfere in the election, 42 percent of Minnesotans statewide said they believed there was contact, while 39 percent did not, and 19 percent weren’t sure.

Democrats and those who supported Hillary Clinton for president overwhelmingly think Trump had ties to Russians interfering in the election (81 percent of Democrats and 77 percent of Clinton voters). Meanwhile, just 5 percent of Republicans and 2 percent of Trump voters think the Trump campaign talked to Russia.