Tourists strolling Canal Park and downtown Duluth could soon see police patrolling on horseback.

After a 10-year-hiatus, the department is aiming to bring mounted patrol back to Duluth in time for crowds gathered for Grandma’s Marathon in mid-June.

The department will be using four horses that formerly worked for the Three Rivers Park District in Hennepin County.

“It’s a great tool for patrolling where there’s large crowds.  If you’re on foot or on a bike, all you see is the backs of people’s head. If you’re on a horse, you’re way up above people,” said patrol officer Jim Matson, who will be one of four mounted patrol officers. Police will also be visible if people need help and will be able to get into areas that squad cars can’t he said.  “A cop on a horse is always very approachable.”

They plan to use the horses year round, as long as the weather is tolerable for the animals, Matson said.