Two small homemade bombs were found Wednesday near a Lakeville playground in Kensington Park.

When police arrived Wednesday afternoon, one device had already exploded. Police used a pellet gun to release the pressure on the other, Lakeville Sgt. Jay Castonguay said.

No one was hurt.

It doesn’t appear that the bombs were placed at the park to injure anyone, he said.

Police receive calls about these type of bombs “every few months,” he said.

Anyone who can watch YouTube videos can produce these bombs by combining a drain-opening liquid and another chemical in an empty bottle, Castonguay said.

The bombs explode after pressure builds. They can’t be triggered remotely or timed, he said.

The explosion is similar to the sound of a large firecracker. They are dangerous if they go off in someone’s hand or if someone is standing too close to them, Castonguay said.

Mary Lynn Smith