Located just a half hour east of the cities, Pitchfork Brewing is churning out some very good beer. A flight only runs you $6 and you get to choose every beer by writing them on a laminated sheet from left to right (see photo) so that you can tell which beer that you are sampling. The focus here is most certainly on quality as was verified by all the beers that were sampled.

The Pitchfork Pale really stood out as did the Outwitted Belgian Ale. Pitchfork Pale Ale was very fresh and clean and had that classic grapefruit aroma from the Cascade hops. Outwitted was excellent as well partially due to the beautiful balance of the hops which neutralized the sweetness of the beer.

If you find yourself in the east metro you should definitely stop in—for it is certainly worth your time. Better yet, make this your next adventure regardless of where you are.

Pitchfork Brewing

709 Rodeo Circle

Hudson, WI 54016

Phone: (715) 245-3675

Owners: Mike and Jessie Fredricksen along with Sarah and Jason Edwards


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