Charges of luring a teenage boy for nearly a year into sexual encounters, using tobacco as an enticement, have led to a city official in east-central Minnesota being put on paid leave.

Nathan L. Johnson, city planner for Pine City, was charged in Pine County District Court with two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts furnishing tobacco to a minor.

Johnson, 38, was placed on paid administrative leave as his case moves forward, according to Kenneth Cammilleri, the city’s administrator and clerk.

After posting bond, Johnson was released from jail Monday. His attorney, Jerry Burg, said, “It’s our intent to defend. … Remember that allegations are just that. They are not truthful statements yet.”

According to the criminal complaint:

The sexually oriented enticement began through Facebook messages between the two starting in July 2014 and lasting until June 2015. At times, Johnson provided the boy with chewing tobacco in exchange for photos of the teen partly undressed.

In April 2015, Johnson hired the 15-year-old boy to clean his home. After the boy completed the job, Johnson gave the teen a pack of cigarettes and a tin of chewing tobacco.

Johnson had the boy back a few days later to again clean his house and offered the teen a back rub. Johnson straddled the boy and rubbed his genitals against the teen. The next month, Johnson picked up the boy at his house and grabbed the teen’s genitals.