The name of that large woodpecker is correctly pronounced PIE-lee-ated. Not PILLY-ay-ted. So says birder Gary Felton of Kingwood, West Virginia. His comment was posted to the national birding list BirdChat on Thursday. Here's why, he writes: "The top of a bird's head from bill to the rear of the skull is the pileum, emphasis on the first syllable (as in apple pie), giving PIE-leeum. Retaining this root pronounciation makes the woodpecker's name PIE-lee-ay-ted. For good measure, he adds that the Parula Warbler is pronounced Par-u-la, not Pa-rula, no reason given.

Mr. Felton's reasoning for the woodpecker does carry the strength of logic. Assuming he's is correct, I've been wrong on both names for a long time. It's gonna be tough to change. 

Below, a PIE-lee-ated Woodpecker, aka PILLY-ay-ted.

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