Running back Adrian Peterson said "not to take anything away from the coaches we had before," but then his brutal and, frankly, refreshing honesty, well, took a lot away from coaches the Vikings had before, particularly Bill Musgrave, Norv Turner's predecessor as offensive coordinator.

After today' morning walk-through, Peterson was asked a general question about his feelings on Turner's offense. We'll toss that into the softball questioning category since Turner's offensive expertise and track record as an offensive coordinator is pretty much universally accepted.

"This is what I've been looking for the past seven years," Peterson started out. "And now I feel like we have an offense that fits our talent and what we have as far as the players at their positions and what they're able to do. I'm pretty excited for what Norv Turner is putting in for us. It's putting guys in opportunities to make plays and be more versatile as an offense. So I'm stoked about that."

Later, we threw him a follow-up question to ask why, exactly, this is the offense he's been waiting seven years for.

"Not to take anything away from the coaches we had before, but just being more versatile as an offense," he said. "I just call it what it is. I feel in the past, we were predictable. You guys wrote stories about being predictable in the past seven years. You won't be able to write that story this year. That's pretty much all that I'm saying. You won't be able to do that because this offense is so versatile."

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