Adrian Peterson was extremely upset in the locker room Monday night after his fumble in overtime set up the game-winning touchdowns by the Bears.

Peterson said it's the most disappointment he's ever felt after a game and vowed to make up for it Sunday against the New York Giants.

Peterson held his weekly press conference Thursday and said he feels better mentally and is moving forward. He said his coaches and teammates have offered encouragement this week, but that it wasn't needed.

"I kind of beat myself up Monday night and Tuesday," he said. "When I thought about it, I said, 'Hey, either you're going to bounce back or you're going to let this beat you up and affect you.' I'm going to conquer and I'm going to prosper from this and put this behind me. The coaches and the players have been good motivating me. I appreciate it, but I really don't need the motivation."

Peterson now has fumbled sevent times this season, losing six of them, which is the most in the NFL for a running back. On the one Monday night, Peterson said he let the ball get away from his body as he was falling and Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer punched the ball out.

"When you're going down, hey, secure that ball," he said. "Don't let the ball get away from your body at anytime and any point of the game because you leave opportunities for guys to come behind you or get that lucky swing at the ball and punch it out."

The Vikings three coordinators also held their weekly press conferences today. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier acknowledged that Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield is not nearly 100 percent because of the right foot injury and that the staff is considering adjustments to help him.

They showed one last week in the nickel package. Winfield moved inside to the slot while nickel back Benny Sapp played on the outside. Frazier gave an interesting answer when asked if Winfield is still a better option than a healthy backup.

"We're exploring that and talking that through and trying to come to some conclusions in that area," Frazier.

However, Frazier said a few minutes later that Winfield will play Sunday if possible because they need him.

"For where we are in our season and the importance of this ball game, if he can help our football team we've got to have him out there," Frazier said. "It's just a matter of putting him in the best position to be successful."


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