Rep. Erik Paulsen has released his second third TV ad, and it's the second one that attacks his Democratic challenger Jim Meffert.

Like the first ad, Paulsen hits Meffert for supporting the health care bill, but this time he also goes after his opponent for being a lobbyist. Meffert worked for the Minnesota Optometric Association from 1998 to July 2010.

The Paulsen campaign also launched, which appears to be a quickly produced site (several links are currently broken) that attacks Meffert’s position and career.

Paulsen’s campaign against Meffert is somewhat unusual, as incumbents typically don’t mention little-known opponents who aren’t advertising on TV themselves. Meffert, whose fundraising trails Paulsen $230,000 to $2 million, has only advertised online.

Meffert’s campaign responded to the ad with a fundraising appeal trying to raise $30,000 in a day. “We cannot allow Paulsen to destroy the campaign we’ve built with his Washington money and his cynical political games,” the Meffert e-mail said.

The third congressional district narrowly supported Obama in 2008, but the congressional race isn’t listed as completive by either the Cook or Rothenberg Political Reports.

The Paulsen ad claims Meffert was fined for violating ethics laws as a lobbyist. Meffert was fined by the state campaign finance board for being late with reports, something his campaign attributed to moving to a new office.

The ad also followed attack lines used by Republicans nationwide, hitting Meffert for supporting $500 million billion in Medicare cuts through the health bill and raising taxes and shedding jobs in the cap and trade bill.

The Medicare cuts the ad refers to are mostly to the Medicare Advantage program, which was fact-checked by Politifact. The cap and trade claims were based on a study by the conservative Heritage Foundation, something environmental groups have disputed.

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