Investigators are looking for anyone who saw an SUV slide off an icy interstate overpass in St. Paul last week, sending the driver to his death below in a wreck left unreported until daybreak, authorities said Monday.

The SUV plunged from the right side of the westbound Interstate 94 overpass on the western edge of St. Paul about 5:30 a.m. Tuesday onto the Hwy. 280 median below. It was not discovered until shortly after 7:30 a.m., according to the State Patrol.

Killed was Uriel Isidoro, 29, of South St. Paul. Authorities say Isidoro died upon impact.

"It's unusual in that the crash occurred about two hours before it was reported," said patrol Lt. Eric Roeske, "so we are just looking for anyone who may have been in the area and witnessed anything."

The time of the crash was determined by investigators reviewing traffic-management video footage, the lieutenant said.

Roeske said that the injuries to Isidoro and the condition of his vehicle show that he died soon after the crash. "But how soon after the impact he died, I can't confirm, other than he was dead when he was discovered," Roeske said.

Even though many motorists would have passed the scene on Hwy. 280, the wreckage was "in a location that would be outside of their normal line of sight."

Also, the discovery of the crash scene, made by a tow-truck driver assisting other motorists nearby, wasn't made until darkness gave way to sunrise, Roeske said.

As for the possibility of a second vehicle being involved in the crash, Roeske said, "There's no direct evidence of it to this point."

The State Patrol said that traffic management cameras show several vehicles nearby at the time. Anyone with information is asked to call 651-539-1151.