Patrick Kane might have said he was "sincerely" sorry for an incident in Buffalo earlier this month, but other things he had to say during a very brief addressing of the issue today seem to indicate otherwise.

Here are some of the details from

Kane, 20, and James Kane, 21, allegedly punched cab driver Jan Radecki and took back money they gave him after the cab driver told them he didn't have 20 cents change to give them. The Kanes were charged with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services. They pleaded not guilty after spending more than two hours in jail. The case was presented to a grand jury in Erie County, N.Y., this past Thursday, and the jury's recommendation, which could be either to bring charges, reduce charges or drop the charges, is expected Wednesday or Thursday. "Because I put myself in being in the wrong position in the wrong time, I've caused a lot of pain for my family and my hometown of Buffalo, the city of Chicago, the Chicago Blackhawks and obviously the great fans we have here in Chicago," Kane said. "And for that part I sincerely apologize." Kane's statement, given before the start of the U.S. Olympic men's hockey orientation camp, lasted less than a minute and added no new details of what transpired in Buffalo. "It's time for me to move forward," Kane said. He did not take questions.

Sorry, Patrick. This is not a circumstancial story. "Wrong position in the wrong time" is not an explanation. It's an excuse that attempts to diminish what happened. Take a stronger dose of medicine, son, or you are likely to [redacted] up even worse down the road.

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